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jellojesus's Journal

Torpedoe Titties
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This is a magical world of pixies and leprechauns prancing about in magical colors and tight spandex shorts!
I love you all! I want to mate with the tortoise! Huzzlepuff is fucked!
I am 125 years young and I live in a tin can in the bottom of the aquarium at sea world! Come visit me! Try to guess which one i'm in, I think you'll be pleasently surprised.
I hate the postal service, those stingy two-faced bastards.....I want you all to join!!! EGAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praise Jello Jesus and his posse of fresh ghetto freaks!!!!!!!!!

alice in wonderland, beanie babies, broomsticks, burning baby brains, butcher knives, chaos, clowns, danny elfman, dr.seuss, easter, fat korean, firecrackers, flamboyant french fries, fred penner, fun, gogo gadget goodness, halloween, hell on earth, huzzlepuff, icp, jamaica, jealous giraffes, jello jesus, lesbian butt-fisting action, love, lovely lingerie, lsd, makeup, meese, midgets & hairy women, moose, mr.dressup, mullets, necrophiliacs, oz, peanuts, polka, pumpkins, rejoicing nipples, serial killers, shooting the kkk, slipknot, spider monkeys, stephen king, stickers, the alamo, the cream filling, the government, the police, tool, weird al yankovic